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Great Camera Shots and Great Camera Angles.

If you have read any of my blogs you will know that what I try to help you to understand, is that beautifully shot stories are about learning your camera skills and using your mind. Today I saw a wonderful example of that, and I want to share it with you.

Most people who are not creative camera type people would look at this piece and say wow look at that guy ride, but we should look at it and say wow look at that guy ride and look at the way it was so beautifully shot. Absolutely stunning. A music montage that is just riveting.

When you watch it, enjoy it, and then think about all the camera shots that have told you the story. Many of the shots are static and use beautiful photographic composition. But he then goes to the next level of shooting moving pictures and thinks about varying the shot sizes to tell his story and to make the edit flow smoothly. He has also worked at making the shots interesting and dramatic.

Creative Camera Shots

A quick list of the some of the different camera shots that you are experiencing

-Wide shots, beautiful wide shots

-Long shots, still scenic but with the bike starting to catch your breath

- The shots just flow between, close-ups, medium shots, long shots and wide shots, all in this amazing gravity defying ballet of bike and man.

Beautiful Camera Angles

To draw you even further into this visual feast there are sunsets, silhouettes, crane shots and dolly shots, action moving close past the camera to increase the impact, low angle shots, high angle shots, a little bit of water, they are all there in this wonderful piece.

If you want to know how to shoot fantastic "B" roll or overlay footage to enhance your storytelling it is all here for you to see.

Then we should acknowledge the sensational, perfectly chosen music and a master editor, and you have been exposed to one of the most stunning music montages you will see for a long time.

Congratulations to everyone involved, as a professional cameraman with over 30 years experience I know what an incredible amount of work went into this piece. Thank you Dave and Mark for your amazing work.

Try to see all of the beautifully composed and dramatically framed shots, watch it again and learn.

Oh, by the way Danny does a pretty good job on the bike as well. Thank you so much Danny for your incredible skills and ability and for the opportunity you have given to these visual storytellers to share your story with us.

A bike riders bike rider and cameramen's cameramen. Fantastic work, I love it.

Please leave me a Comment or ask a question so we can start a discussion.

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Remember Learn it, Shoot it, Love it.

If you would Like to Fast Track you Learning check out my online camera skills course, the fastest way to learn to shoot like a Pro, The Online Camera Course

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  1. Shannon

    im only a student, and i lack in experiance, but just from watching this i say it really does position the audience into seeing the beautful grace and skill of bike riding and is brilliant. However in saying that, i noticed majoirty of shot transitions are cross disolve, and some shots are repeated. In your opinon would this be advisbale??

    Thanks heaps!


  2. Geoff Stock

    Hi Shannon, in music montages like this almost anything goes and many talented editors use techniques that work beautifully for this style of story telling that may not be acceptable in others. A great way to learn is to watch other peoples work and use the techniques that you like in your own projects. Try to think who your audience is when you are deciding what techniques to use in your storytelling.

  3. somrah

    Hi, am a student and in a same time work it really great shot and nice moving.i like very much about the different lenses used for the style and it add value also
    feeling, if am correct in some shot you have used a 8mm lense.I also very surprise by the capure of fast action. i really guess to know about the setting of the camera.

  4. nnarra

    Hi Geoff,
    What a great piece of work, I don’t know who to applaud the most the Bike rider or the Camera Guy and Editor.
    Do you know what gear was used to shoot it? DSLR Video or VCam? for instance.

    Cheers Kevin.
    PS. I have seen you on TV many times with a sound man hanging onto your belt whilst you walked backwards videoing some Politician or “the Accused”

  5. Geoff Stock

    Thanks for your input Kevin. I am not sure what cameras were used on this video, I have researched around and have seen conflicting stories and they were all vague anyway. Some shots could be Gopro and I think the fact that the vertical walls don’t bend when he pans quickly means it may be a decent video camera and not a DSLR. If you find out anything different I would love to know also. Geoff

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