Tips to use your Camera 4 Storytelling

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Take out your cameras and shoot more often. Visual Storytelling is no different to playing an instrument, you must practice. Some tips for shooting great video.

Take every opportunity to shoot simple things like family activities or even just film someone doing something very basic like ironing or using their smartphone. If you don't have a great camera like a top DSLR or video camera, just use your iPhone or any small recording device. Think about breaking up the activity into separate shots and avoid walking and continually rolling.

Think about an establishing wide shot, then a Medium shot 'which is from waist up', then a 'Close-up' of their face or 'head and shoulders' as they are doing the activity. Then a 'Close-up' of the action of the activity that they are doing and then just keep doing that variety of shots. Then you will have a nice 'Sequence' of shots that you can cut together. Have a nice end shot and show the finish of the activity or event you are filming.

Now find a way to edit it together so you can see how it works. There are many free or cheap editing programs or apps out there and editing is a really quick way to improve your shooting ability as you become aware of what you could or should have filmed.

Now try to do that at least once a week and your camera work and skills and knowledge will improve quickly. Make sure you watch the attached video.

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Here's some more tips to help you to improve your skills.

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