The Power of Positive Thinking

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I will change that a little to “The Power of Positive Reward”.

Whether you are getting into Video Production or want to be a Videographer it is important to feel you are moving forward in your learning.

Hopefully you have noticed that much of what I talk about concerns how to use your mind when learning about how to improve the results you are achieving with your video camera.

One of the first things that people who do The Video Camera Course say is how everything they see on TV is the exactly the same as I have shown them in the course. They suddenly understand how it all works.

This excites me because not only has their shooting improved immediately, but they are also starting to understand everything else they see, and they can then keep learning long after they have finished the course.

Even if you don’t do the course become a Free Member and take advantage of all the free information here, the idea is to help you to understand what you are seeing in whatever story or program you view. Once you can do that, you can then start to use that knowledge to use your camera  to shoot things in a similar style to what you like. Then when you start to get good results you will feel good and want to do more.

Shooting Bad Video is Bad for You.

I feel sorry for people who spend their hard earned cash on a video camera or DSLR and then find that everything they shoot looks like rubbish. They are very quickly disheartened and think it is all too hard. For many it means that their camera will spend most of its life in the camera case and will rarely see the light of day. All those great memories not recorded, all that family history not recorded, all those wonderful possible stories not recorded. All for the lack of a little knowledge and a little positive feedback. Positive reward.

If all you see in your videos is bad then that will be the reward you will feel, bad. To change that, learn as much as you can and start to use it. Once you see your projects improving let yourself feel the Power of Positive Reward. You will then want to shoot more stories with your camera. It is vital to learn your camera skills and then use them regularly if you want to shoot great looking video.

Understand that for all us it is a long slow learning experience but you must start to learn if you want to follow the path. You must also keep at it and part of that is about feeling good about how your projects look. When you see improvements with your camera work, feel good about how you are improving. Build on that.

Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat.

Take you camera out of its case and shoot as often as possible. Every day is not too often. If you do that, you will not have to think about how to operate your camera. Instead, you will be able to think about the shots you need to take with your camera to tell your story well. Once you are able to see what it is in other peoples work that you like, you can then start to add those techniques to your work. However you must practice them, feel good about your learning, and practice, practice, practice.

Give yourself “The Power of Positive Reward”.

If you would like to fast track your learning check out The Video Camera Course.

Remember Learn it, Shoot it, Love it.

Geoff Stock

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