What is the Online Essential Skills Video Camera Course?

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‘The Video Camera Course’ is a combination of simple and advanced camera skills that I have developed into an easy to understand complete learning system. A fast and effective method to help you to be able to shoot any type of video project like a Professional Cameraman.

How to shoot professional looking video with your video camera or DSLR or even your iPhone, it doesn't matter what type of camera it is, it is about the skills and knowledge.

The great thing is, you can do the whole course online, in your own time.

Many times in my nearly forty years as a professional television cameraman I have helped people to start to learn the skills that us old guys just take for granted. They then go off and start their own long slow faltering path. The same path that we all had to take to learn how to do this thing well.

A few years ago I made a decision to put a concerted effort into building a course, [a system] that could considerably shorten that learning process for new, keen, and interested people.

My goal is to shortcut the learning time for you [dramatically].

Do you want to know if this Course is for you?

This course is for anyone who wants to get the joy and satisfaction of shooting great looking video.

You want me to be more specific. Ok, the list is endless, but here goes.

Answer me this-

-do you want to shoot great, professional looking videos?

-do you want to shoot quality short films for film festivals?

-are you a student of Film, Television and New Media and want to learn to shoot well?

-are you a teacher of Film, Television and New Media?

-do you want to shoot great video blogs?

-are you are a Real Estate Agent and want to shoot great, dynamic looking video of your listings for your internet advertising?

-do you want to shoot anything that you can be proud of and that people will love?

-do you want to shoot for a TV station?

-are you already shooting for a TV station but want to improve you skills?

-do you want to be a Video Journalist and shoot great looking stories?

-do you want to shoot training videos that look great and make you look like a hero?

-do you want to shoot documentaries?

-do you shoot stills but want to learn the skills to shoot great videos with your DSLR?

-do you have a passion for shooting video and just want to get much better at it?

-do you just want to show your friends your home videos and have them go WOW?

-do you want to do this at home at your own pace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Video Camera Course is for you. If you would like to Join the Course Click the Button now.

It doesn’t matter if you are shooting video just because you love it, or because it is part of your job and you get paid to do it, this course will give you an enormous kick start with whatever type of video you want to shoot.

So what is in The Video Camera Course? For the Current Special Price see below

The course consists of twenty modules that are presented as high quality videos with supporting written notes.

They cover numerous camera skills such as-

- Composition and Framing- These modules will identify and immediately fix the biggest problems for people who don’t how to frame great looking shots. If you don’t have a thought process behind how your shots look then these modules will blow you away. You will immediately start to get professional looking shots.

- Shooting Sequences- Is a series of modules that build on the previous ones and take you through to an understanding of all the types of shots that you can and need to take to tell your stories visually. Then you are shown specific skills to make sure you can shoot these shots in a meaningful and logical way so that your stories flow and can be edited properly.

- Following Action- This is an advanced yet simple skill. Like most of the modules, when you see it you will say wow, yes, now I know how that works and why it looks so good.

- Shooting Interviews- Is about the subtle but important differences between how we shoot interviews and how we shoot pieces to camera.

Many Advanced Camera Techniques are sprinkled throughout the course modules and in such a manner that as you are exposed to them you will understand them, and you can then start using them immediately. You will also learn the thought process needed when shooting stories or conceptualizing the visual aspect of Short Films.

There are also comprehensive modules on how to acquire High Quality Audio even under difficult circumstances and how to achieve Beautiful Lighting Set-ups on people on location.

Each module has a comments section so you can ask any questions you may have, and I will give you full support during the course.

This knowledge would normally take between 10 and 20 years of making mistakes, of trial and error, to learn. And that is if you were shooting five days a week. Even then, there are still some professional cameramen out there who haven’t worked out some of these skills.

These are the special skills and techniques that I and most highly experienced cameramen use every day that they shoot, the skills that make their work stand out. These are also the skills that cameramen don’t normally share with anybody.

I have had people say, “Why the hell are you telling people this stuff” and “You better not tell them too much”.  I’m afraid I haven’t taken much notice of them.

This sounds like pretty secret information. Yes, you are right, The Video Camera Course contains “Secret Cameramen’s Business”. It will give you a personal perspective of a professional cameraman’s unique skills, how he works, and what he is thinking as he works.

It is written and delivered by a highly experienced working cameraman. Me. Unlike many other courses in this field, ‘The Video Camera Course’ is not a course ‘out of a textbook’ written by someone who has never really done the work. You could liken this knowledge to finding the six pages of gold in a six hundred-page textbook but you could never find them on your own. I will be your guide and take you straight to the gold.

The way this course differentiates itself from other courses on this subject, is that it is based on my personal experience behind the camera spanning more than three decades. Take into account as a top Freelance Cameraman I am competing against all of the other top cameramen to get work. For me to work I have to do all of these things very, very well every time I shoot.

I have spent an enormous amount of time and energy analyzing how to effectively show you all of these skills in such a manner that you can understand them immediately and start using them straight away. I love seeing the joy that people experience when they are able to learn these things in such an easy way. Some of the reactions I have had from people who have done my course are- “I just didn’t know how much I didn’t know” and “Wow, everything I see on TV now is exactly the way you showed me” and “I am so excited, I just want to go out and film something now”.

It is very satisfying for me to know that I have helped so many people to fulfill their passion and achieve their dreams. Most people, if they are not shooting every day, have no chance of ever learning this knowledge on their own.

So What Does it Cost? Just $795. But no, I currently have a Super Special Price of just $97US, yes $97US for the complete course. You could spend many, many  times that at university or spend twenty years trying to learn it yourself, and still not know what I am going to show you. Over thirty years of my learning experience, all the nuggets of gold that I have learned and use every day that I shoot. You see, I want you to have this knowledge, I want you to go off and start shooting stories that inspire and move and entertain people. Great stories that expose people to wonderful and amazing things that they never knew. That is what we do. We are the visual storytellers. Let me help you to do it really well.

To Join the Course Click the Button NOW

Do it now.

If you are still worried that maybe you already know all of this stuff and you won’t get anything out of this course, well then it won’t cost you anything. This is my offer to you.

THE GUARANTEE I am so confident of the quality and effectiveness of The Video Camera Course that I provide students with a Full Money Back Guarantee if, during the first 30 days, you decide you are not learning anything. Moreover, it’s a No Questions Asked Guarantee. Just tell me you want your money back, within 30 days of buying the course, and I will refund your money. There and then! It will have cost you nothing.

Take the step now, if this is what you really want to do, then do it. This knowledge will stay with you forever. Your shooting will only get better and better with this knowledge. Join our tribe of visual storytellers. I hope you are really excited now and know that The Video Camera Course is for you.

Hit the button and join us now.

Learn it. Shoot it. Love it.

Geoff Stock

PS The course is limited to a small number of participants, so that I can help with any feedback or clarification needed. If you want to do the course get in and do it now, or you could find it closed because it is full.

Please don't miss out, get in while the Course is open, hit the Button NOW

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