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Testimonial from Tom MacFarlane.

Hi Geoff,

Tom here, first of all I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to do this course. I appreciate it beyond words!

I enjoy watching the videos as they make sense, and are impossible to not understand. You have made them incredibly clear and straight forward from the get-go! I have already begun to put the methods I have learnt into practice, and I can instantly see the results.

I learnt more in 10 minutes of your course than I did in the 18 months of my Diploma of Screen and Media course!

I especially liked the 'Lead Room' video as it has relation to filming sports, something I am very passionate about, as well as the 'Shot Sizes' videos.

All in all I look forward to getting through all the videos and leaving you as much feedback as possible!

Many Thanks,

Tom MacFarlane.

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  1. Cindy Jones

    Hello, Tom

    Your testimonial confirms my decision to take this course just as soon as I can afford it. Right now I just have an old JVC camcorder I am learning how to use. Once I am proficient with it, I need to purchase a better piece of equipment, but money is real tight right now. I need something inexpensive and simple to make one minute video ads for a couple of local businesses. Do you have a suggestion as to what I might get?

  2. Geoff Stock

    Hi Cindy,
    A huge tip from me would be to use whatever camera you can get your hands on and just shoot as many little stories as you can. The more you shoot the better you get. Even practice shooting little stories with your family or friends doing simple little jobs and one day in a few years time you will have some great memories to look back on. I am helping people to shoot and edit great stories on their iPhones and they are loving it. The pictures coming out of smartphones are amazing and people aren’t worried about being videoed as much as they are with a video camera. I am currently working on an iPhone course to put online soon so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. All the best, Geoff Stock

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