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The Online Video Camera Course has been developed to help anyone who wants to shoot great video. It doesn't matter who you are or what your job is or what you want to shoot. You could be using something as simple as an iPhone or as complex as a DSLR or top end video camera and you will still learn to shoot great stories, promo videos, testimonials, videos for blogs or Social Media, and even short films. The skills are all the same.

I will show you how to-

  • have the quickest and easiest way to always have great composition in your shots so that your footage always looks like professional footage
  • shoot sequences of shots that can easily be edited into great stories that connect with your audience
  • light and achieve beautiful lighting setups of people simply and easily every time and impress everyone with the look of your subject lighting
  • record excellent audio even in extreme situations and lift all of your projects by having high quality audio that stands out

To find out more about all of the fabulous material covered in the course  Click Here

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