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I have been shooting for nearly forty years, the first twelve years were with the television networks and during that time I worked on every conceivable TV show from current affairs to children's shows to commercials. Once I made the decision to leave the Seven Network and to go and work freelance I found that I was getting work from even more of the major national shows such as Better Homes and Gardens, Great Outdoors, and the Sunday programme. To this day I still work on many national television programs.

When I went Freelance I also began to get a lot of work shooting staff training videos, safety induction videos, corporate videos, and government information videos. I still shoot in all these fields today and some of the projects have been for Caltex, BP, Origin Energy, Ergon, Yamaha, Sandvic, Qld Rail, Qld Transport, and the list is nearly endless.

Whilst working in these various areas I became aware of a large number of people such as Training Officers, WH&S Officers, Human Resources Officers, etc., who wanted to have an understanding of how to shoot their own basic video productions.

I decided to develope and provide short courses and specialist training  aimed specifically at people who wanted or needed to shoot their own low-cost in-house video communications. The course has now been expanded to help anyone who wants to shoot great looking videos with any type of camera.

I have completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and have written the course using the national guidelines for Competency based training and assessment. The sessions are sequential so each session builds on the skills learnt in the previous one.

This is about the crux of what a professional cameraman does, his skills, how he works, what he is thinking when he works, written by a working cameraman and delivered by a working cameraman.

I really should call it “Secret Cameramen’s Business” but I could end up with angry cameramen knocking on my door in the middle of the night.

So shhhh.

Anyway I am happy to pass on some of the things I know to people who are interested in knowing and can see it as unique way to fast track their own learning journey.

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