1. Geoff Stock

    What is the Online Essential Skills Video Camera Course?

    ‘The Video Camera Course’ is a combination of simple and advanced camera skills that I have developed into an easy to understand complete learning system. A fast and effective method to help you to be able to shoot any type of video project like a Professional Cameraman. How to shoot professional looking video with your video camera or DSLR or even your iPhone, it doesn't matter what type of camera it is, it is about...
  2. Geoff Stock

    How to Stop Panning and Zooming with Your Video Camera

    Stop Panning and Zooming! Yes, right, so you want me to tell you how.  Just about every book or reference guide on how to use a video camera will give you this wonderful piece of advice.  It is exactly right, but knowing ‘what to shoot instead’ is very difficult if there is not a lot of follow-up advice. So, do you have a problem knowing what to shoot when you can’t Pan and Zoom? Welcome...
  3. Geoff Stock

    The Curse of the Handycam

    Do you have the problem with your handycam that you just keep recording everything and you aren’t able to think of framing specific shots? I call this the curse of the handycam. It Always Looks Like Home Movies The problem is that it is just too easy to walk around any event you are shooting with your video camera and just keep recording everything continuously. Yes, it is easy and you don’t have to think...

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