1. Geoff Stock

    Testimonial for the Video Camera Course

    Testimonial from Tom MacFarlane. Hi Geoff, Tom here, first of all I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to do this course. I appreciate it beyond words! I enjoy watching the videos as they make sense, and are impossible to not understand. You have made them incredibly clear and straight forward from the get-go! I have already begun to put the methods I have learnt into practice, and I can instantly see the results. I learnt more in 10 minutes of your course than I did in the 18 months of my Diploma of Screen and Media course! I especially liked the 'Lead Room' video as it has relation to filming sports, something I am very passionate about, as well as the 'Shot Sizes' videos. All in all I look forward to getting through all the videos and leaving you as much feedback as possible! Many Thanks,...
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