1. Geoff Stock

    Filming at Fraser Island with Ian Gillan

    As a Freelance Professional Cameraman, you are always waiting for the phone to ring for your next job. This particular day the phone rings, “Hi, would you be interested in spending a few days filming with Ian Gillan, the lead singer of Deep Purple when he gets here for their up-coming Australian tour”. ABSOLUTELY! My soundo and I are both musos so this was going to be a dream. We picked Ian up from his hotel early in the morning to head off on a three-hour drive to catch a barge to take us all to the biggest sand island in the world. Fraser Island, World Heritage listed, it is 123 km long and 22 km wide. Ancient towering rainforests, dozens of beautiful freshwater lakes and creeks, incredible coloured sand cliffs and ocean blue waves crashing onto the amazing long, white sandy beaches. Ian had heard about it and wanted...
  2. Geoff Stock

    Filming at Uluru

    During my Video Camera Courses and even in general conversation people regularly ask me what my favourite shoot has been and I find that to be an impossible question to answer.  There have been too many fantastic experiences in my career, but I would like to share at least some of the more memorable ones with you. Tony Gordon was an amazingly talented presenter. He was also my best friend, like a brother to me. He died a few years ago doing what he loved best in this world, flying his Pitts Special aerobatics plane. It took me a long time to come to terms with that. We met when we both worked for the Seven Television Network in Australia. We worked together on a children’s show called “Wombat”, and we travelled all around Australia shooting stories about anything interesting, unusual or out of the ordinary. Hundreds of stories and...
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