How to Shoot Great Looking Video

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How to shoot great looking video!

The very first thing you need to do, is to not worry about what camera you are using. People are too fixated about equipment. Once you develop the skills you need you can shoot good looking video on any camera. I have seen great work done on an iphone.

In the Video Camera Course I start by helping people to understand what they are seeing and how different stories are shot. Sounds simple but it isn’t. If it was easy then everyone would be able to shoot great looking video.

So what Shots do I Take?

I have developed an exercise to help overcome this problem called Why you don’t know what shots to take and it will help tremendously in getting you past this problem and get you understanding the shots you need to take.

The next thing I help with is Composition and Framing as many people can see the most beautiful shots and stories, but have no chance at all, of understanding how they were done. They go merrily on their way with no thought process in framing their shots, or shooting beautiful stories with their cameras.

Why does My Footage still look like Home Movies?

Unless you have a good natural talent, your footage may always look like home movies if you don't learn good camera skills. Once you gain some understanding of good framing techniques you can then see when these techniques are pushed, or broken, and what the effect has been. It might be a creative composition or it might be a dramatic framing, but without knowing what is happening visually, and why, you will never know how to do it for yourself. Learning the basics makes it possible to understand the more complex and advanced.

What about the DSLR?

One of the things I love about the current DSLR movement is that it has given many people a desire to see how great looking shots are made. The shallow depth of field that can be achieved has been used to advantage by some brilliant people and it is so different from what has been achieved with video cameras in the past, [without a lot of trouble]. Many others want to be able to get similar results in their projects. This ability to control your depth of field has really changed the creative possibilities for video production.

Do you Want to Shoot Great Footage Now?

For many, the journey is going to be very long and difficult, and will require a determination to learn and experiment and make mistakes, but at the end of the day you will be better for it.

I will tell you a few secrets about becoming a really good shooter of great looking projects. About being able to pick up your camera, and regularly going out, and shooting beautiful pictures for your stories.

The secret is to“pick up your camera and start shooting now”. Pick it up every day and shoot and you will get good quickly. If you don’t, you won’t. This is a journey; you cannot go from poor or mediocre to great without a lot of work.

Get out and Start Using your Camera.

That does not mean just reading or watching what others are doing, it means going and doing it for yourself, regularly, until you are doing it well.

Start now. No excuses. See what others are doing, but then go and try it for yourself.

The more you shoot, the more comfortable you will become with your camera and then you can concentrate on your shots. The last thing you need when you have the chance to shoot great things with your camera, is to have to look up your manual or try to work out how to do some neat thing you saw somewhere once.

Shoot heaps, so that using your camera becomes second nature, and develop your skills, so that what you shoot gives you pride and satisfaction.

Taking Pictures is like life, so get in and enjoy the journey.

The only difference between an absolute beginner and me is time.

I started shooting 34 years ago, funny thing is, when I started, I was just a beginner too.

Remember Learn it, Shoot it, Love it.

Geoff Stock

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If you want to really fast track your learning check out The Online Video Camera Course.

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  1. Marcus

    Thanks for all this great free info Geoff!
    I recently took your advice and just started using what i had, my iPhone to take some pics and video and put together a short clip using some of your free tips!

    This short 18sec clip is what I came up with.
    I’m excited too go through your course and really learn..
    Any feedback on what i shot and put together would be awesome!
    Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Geoff Stock

    Hi Marcus, thanks for the kind feedback. I truly hope you enjoy the course, the info will help you become a great shooter and visual storyteller.

  3. adams emmanuel

    Helo Sir, am a passionate operator of digital video cameras I wanna learn more plsss teach me. Am a Nigerian and I wanna make living from shooting good video documentaries that can stand for international awards. Thnx. Emmanuel Adams.

  4. Geoff Stock

    Hi Emmanuel, there is a lot of very good information in the blog posts on my site here that will help you to understand how to visually tell you story. After that it is a matter of shooting many things so that you get more experience and can use your camera easily, then you can concentrate on your story and not have to try to remember how to operate your camera. All the best.

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