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  1. Geoff Stock

    Tips to use your Camera 4 Storytelling

    Take out your cameras and shoot more often. Visual Storytelling is no different to playing an instrument, you must practice. Some tips for shooting great video. Take every opportunity to shoot simple things like family activities or even just film someone doing something very basic like ironing or using their smartphone. If you don't have a great camera like a top DSLR or video camera, just use your iPhone or any small recording device. Think...
  2. Geoff Stock

    See how the Online Video Camera Course can improve your Camera Skills

    The Online Video Camera Course has been developed to help anyone who wants to shoot great video. It doesn't matter who you are or what your job is or what you want to shoot. You could be using something as simple as an iPhone or as complex as a DSLR or top end video camera and you will still learn to shoot great stories, promo videos, testimonials, videos for blogs or Social Media, and even...
  3. Geoff Stock

    Videography Tips 1- Shooting for the Editor

    As Videographers we shoot many and varied stories. It is important that the way we shoot is relevant to who our audience is and what the message is that we are trying to convey to them. Are we taking the shots that will get our message across or are we just taking shots to show how good we can shoot. If you are shooting a music clip you may be able to push the boundaries...
  4. Geoff Stock

    So You Want to be a Paid Videographer

    If you want to make money with your camera you need to know this. High quality Video Cameras and DSLR’s cost a lot of money so at some point the thought of making money with your camera is very appealing. As you learn more and get better at shooting the chances of starting to get paid jobs increases but there is more to this than you may know. -  Attitude - Yes, nothing to do...
  5. Geoff Stock

    Affordable In-house Video Production

    Basics of Video Production. Many requests for a course about how to do affordable in-house Video Production is what led to the Online Video Camera Course being developed. I decided I wanted to help people to achieve success in this area because it is so simple for me but can be so difficult for people without a television background. The biggest hurdle is for the person who has the task of picking up the camera...

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