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How to Shoot Video like a Professional Cameraman
Even if you are an Absolute Beginner.

Learn the Number 1 Cameraman’s Secrets of How to easily make
Your Shots Look Professional

Do all your videos look like home movies?

Are you embarrassed by your results every time you use your camera?

You’ve watched the How To videos on Youtube but your footage still looks terrible.

It’s not your fault.

Shooting professional looking videos can take years to accomplish and, without the help of a professional, most people give up in disgust, embarrassed by their results.

If you have this problem I have the answer.

The VIDEO CAMERA COURSE is a complete system of videos will take you step by step through all the skills and knowledge you need to get you shooting great footage quickly and easily.

This really is an easy system to help you learn how to shoot professional looking video with your video camera or DSLR or even your iPhone, it doesn't matter what type of camera it is, it is all about the skills and knowledge.

The sessions are all high quality videos that explain, and show you, easy to understand examples of how to do the actual skill, so that it is really easy to learn it and use it in your own filming.

The Course Sessions for Premium Members are as follows but to find out more about the course  Click Here

Session 1 - The Mindset - what you actually need to be thinking when you want to film anything, and how knowing this will improve all your filming forever and almost instantly improve your results.

Session 2 - Composition (The Rule of Thirds) - a clear and easily understandable explanation of how this will immediately improve you camerawork. and have people raving about your results. I will show you many examples using lots of different shots so that you can see how to immediately get the results you can be proud of.

Session 3 - Looking Room - another extremely important skill that once understood will definitely give you a very quick improvement in your filming results. You don't have to take years to learn this my tutorial video and included example will make it so easy for you to shoot like a Professional Cameraman or Camerawoman.

Session 4 - Lead Room - this skill is so advanced that many people never get to know what it is and it's importance in the world of moving pictures, but without a solid understanding of it and the ability to use it in your camerawork your footage will always look like home movies. My video tutorial and many examples of this make it impossible for you not understand it and use it like you see in the movies.

Session 5 - Shot Sizes (Part 1) - these sessions on Shot Sizes will give you a complete understanding of all the different shots that are used in visual storytelling. What they are, why they are used, where they are used and you will suddenly look at everything you see with different eyes. By now you are starting to know how to shoot anything like a Pro Cameraman or Camerawoman.

Session 6 - Shot Sizes (Part2)

Session 7 - Advancing - this session clarifies how the things you have learned so far have equipped you with real and effective skills so you can shoot much more professional shots.

Session 8 - Move Closer - you now move onto a series of sessions to help you to think about ways to get more interesting shots and angles and lift the look of the footage you are getting.

Session 9 - Parallel Lines

Session 10 - Camera Height

Session 11 - Action in Your Shots

Session 12 - Distracting Backgrounds

Session 13 - Sequences (Part 1) - these Sequences sessions really lift the lid on how to shoot stories really well. This is an area that stills photographers get an enormous lot of help with, and for everyone it explains a lot of the magic of visual storytelling. You don't have to spend years learning this stuff, you can learn how to do it and be using it in hours.

Session 14 - Sequences (Part 2)

Session 15 - Sequences (Part 3)

Session 16 - PTC’s and Interviews - the knowledge I share in this session is stuff that many camera operators get to know and you will have it given to you so you will understand it immediately and fast-track your camerawork.

Session 17 - Pre- Shoot Checklist - how to be able to work like a Professional Cameraman or Camerawoman when you go out to shoot paying jobs.

Session 18 - Safety Issues - many people seem to think that us camera folk are indestructible but we definitely are not so this session is to give you an insight into just a few of the things to keep in mind to stay alive while you are doing one of the best jobs on the planet.

Session 19 - Great Sound - bad sound will completely ruin a good shoot so here you will learn some secrets to getting great sound that you would never have worked out on your own and will lift your productions and satisfaction to legend status.

Session 20 - Beautiful Lighting - most people never get the chance to learn good lighting and I walk you through how to achieve fabulous lighting for interviews and shots of people. Imagine learning all this wonderful knowledge and loving every minute of it.

At last the real secrets of how you can shoot great moving pictures and how you can turn them into great stories is revealed.

This course is a system to show you the fastest and easiest way to learn to shoot professional looking video.

Click this link for a full explanation of what the Online Video Camera Skills Course is about.

To access the video camera course instructional video content, please click on the BIG Red "Become a Premium Member" button below. For a fee of $795, but wait no, I currently have a fantastic Super Special Discounted Price of $97US,  you will receive access to all of the course sessions outlined below and all future ones. That's right, 12 months access to the complete course for a one time payment of just $97US. You will be able to access my nearly 40 years of camera experience and ask me anything that you need to know. If you are interested in learning these things easily, now is the time to get in.

Once you  have purchased the course, even though you will be able to go through all the videos in a matter of hours and start using the skills immediately, you will have access to all the videos for 12 months from the date of purchase so that you can go back and refresh any of the information, if you feel the need.
To purchase the course click the BIG Red "Become a Premium Member" button now.

I will personally answer any questions that you may have even if they relate to your own personal shooting needs.

To access the full Essential Skills Video Camera Course and fast track your learning click on the BIG Red "Become a Premium Member Button"below NOW, and get in for the fantastic Discount Price of $97US

Click this link for a full explanation of what the Online Video Camera Skills Course is about

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