1. Geoff Stock

    Tips to use your Camera 4 Storytelling

    Take out your cameras and shoot more often. Visual Storytelling is no different to playing an instrument, you must practice. Some tips for shooting great video. Take every opportunity to shoot simple things like family activities or even just film someone doing something very basic like ironing or using their smartphone. If you don't have a great camera like a top DSLR or video camera, just use your iPhone or any small recording device. Think about breaking up the activity into separate shots and avoid walking and continually rolling. Think about an establishing wide shot, then a Medium shot 'which is from waist up', then a 'Close-up' of their face or 'head and shoulders' as they are doing the activity. Then a 'Close-up' of the action of the activity that they are doing and then just keep doing that variety of shots. Then you will have a nice 'Sequence' of...
  2. Geoff Stock

    See how the Online Video Camera Course can improve your Camera Skills

    The Online Video Camera Course has been developed to help anyone who wants to shoot great video. It doesn't matter who you are or what your job is or what you want to shoot. You could be using something as simple as an iPhone or as complex as a DSLR or top end video camera and you will still learn to shoot great stories, promo videos, testimonials, videos for blogs or Social Media, and even short films. The skills are all the same. I will show you how to- have the quickest and easiest way to always have great composition in your shots so that your footage always looks like professional footage shoot sequences of shots that can easily be edited into great stories that connect with your audience light and achieve beautiful lighting setups of people simply and easily every time and impress everyone with the look of your...
  3. Geoff Stock

    Videography Tips 1- Shooting for the Editor

    As Videographers we shoot many and varied stories. It is important that the way we shoot is relevant to who our audience is and what the message is that we are trying to convey to them. Are we taking the shots that will get our message across or are we just taking shots to show how good we can shoot. If you are shooting a music clip you may be able to push the boundaries of your creative ability but for Television shows and Corporate style videos the shooting needs to be much more structured. Something to keep in mind. “The camera should never get in the way of the story “ Some people like the shaky camera look to their footage but many viewers are distracted by the continual effort needed to focus on the story. You will lose those viewers from your story. Cutaways are extremely important to...
  4. Geoff Stock

    So You Want to be a Paid Videographer

    If you want to make money with your camera you need to know this. High quality Video Cameras and DSLR’s cost a lot of money so at some point the thought of making money with your camera is very appealing. As you learn more and get better at shooting the chances of starting to get paid jobs increases but there is more to this than you may know. -  Attitude - Yes, nothing to do with your camera or skills. Many years ago I met and worked with a fantastic old Director who explained this very well. Imagine a long, hard days shooting, many setups, difficult talent, difficult lighting, and many challenges to getting the job done well. A good cameraperson should be able to get the job done to a satisfactory level under all these challenges. However, the thing that will get that client and that Director coming back...
  5. Geoff Stock

    Affordable In-house Video Production

    Basics of Video Production. Many requests for a course about how to do affordable in-house Video Production is what led to the Online Video Camera Course being developed. I decided I wanted to help people to achieve success in this area because it is so simple for me but can be so difficult for people without a television background. The biggest hurdle is for the person who has the task of picking up the camera and shooting the footage, because without any prior experience it is very difficult to find where to learn how to do it. Photographic Composition One of the biggest problems for most newcomers to camerawork is Composition, where to put things in the frame to make it look professional. Without learning something about photographic composition, you run the very real risk that your footage will always look amateurish. I will help you overcome this in a...
  6. Geoff Stock

    Shoot Video with a DSLR

    How to Shoot Video with a DSLR A DSLR is not a video camera. I hope I got your attention because this subject is huge. Apart from the total difference in shape, feel, size, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, there is another big difference. "What you need to be thinking". An area of concern for many stills guys, who I know are wanting to start shooting video with their DSLR's, is the different skill-set and thought process that goes into shooting video. The way I try to explain it, is, with still photos you are trying to tell your story with one shot. Even though you may take many shots, the final shot has to tell the whole story. The skill is not just with the camera, it is with your mind, and learning how to tell your story with one shot. On the other hand, when you are shooting a...
  7. Geoff Stock

    Wow, check out these camera angles.

    Great Camera Shots and Great Camera Angles. If you have read any of my blogs you will know that what I try to help you to understand, is that beautifully shot stories are about learning your camera skills and using your mind. Today I saw a wonderful example of that, and I want to share it with you. Most people who are not creative camera type people would look at this piece and say wow look at that guy ride, but we should look at it and say wow look at that guy ride and look at the way it was so beautifully shot. Absolutely stunning. A music montage that is just riveting. When you watch it, enjoy it, and then think about all the camera shots that have told you the story. Many of the shots are static and use beautiful photographic composition. But he then goes to the...
  8. Geoff Stock

    How to Shoot Great Looking Video

    How to shoot great looking video! The very first thing you need to do, is to not worry about what camera you are using. People are too fixated about equipment. Once you develop the skills you need you can shoot good looking video on any camera. I have seen great work done on an iphone. In the Video Camera Course I start by helping people to understand what they are seeing and how different stories are shot. Sounds simple but it isn’t. If it was easy then everyone would be able to shoot great looking video. So what Shots do I Take? I have developed an exercise to help overcome this problem called “Why you don’t know what shots to take” and it will help tremendously in getting you past this problem and get you understanding the shots you need to take. The next thing I help with is Composition...
  9. Geoff Stock

    Filming at Fraser Island with Ian Gillan

    As a Freelance Professional Cameraman, you are always waiting for the phone to ring for your next job. This particular day the phone rings, “Hi, would you be interested in spending a few days filming with Ian Gillan, the lead singer of Deep Purple when he gets here for their up-coming Australian tour”. ABSOLUTELY! My soundo and I are both musos so this was going to be a dream. We picked Ian up from his hotel early in the morning to head off on a three-hour drive to catch a barge to take us all to the biggest sand island in the world. Fraser Island, World Heritage listed, it is 123 km long and 22 km wide. Ancient towering rainforests, dozens of beautiful freshwater lakes and creeks, incredible coloured sand cliffs and ocean blue waves crashing onto the amazing long, white sandy beaches. Ian had heard about it and wanted...
  10. Geoff Stock

    Interview with Geoff Stock about The Online Video Camera Course

    I have been a visual storyteller for over thirty years, and I still love it. I am a Location Cameraman so in my time I have not only had to learn how to shoot well, but also how to light well and do sound well. Over the years, I have shot for nearly every conceivable type of show on television. 60 Minutes, So You Think You Can Dance, Australian Idol, Good Morning Australia, Great Outdoors, Better Homes and Gardens, Location Location, The Hot House, Surf Patrol, Sky Racing, Fox Sports, Hot Property, and countless more are all shows that I have worked on. I have been Freelance for over 20 years, so apart from television, a lot of my work is also in the corporate sector. Safety and training programs, marketing programs, educational programs etc, etc, for many multinational companies and government departments. When I started my career in Television,...
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